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What makes Radio Gatsby unique?
Radio Gatsby brings a distinctive blend of vintage and modern themes to its music and its look!  We are just as passionate about vintage jazz dating back to the 1920s as we are about popular music of the 2000s - 2020s! Drawing on decades of great music, Radio Gatsby can deliver everything from an elegant jazz performance to a vibrant dance party.


How large is the band?

Radio Gatsby offers everything from an elegant cocktail Jazz Trio to a powerful, 10-Piece Dance Band. For most wedding celebrations (with 75-200 guests), we recommend hiring our Core, 6 or 7-Piece Band since this is all you need to assure a complete sound and great dance party. If budget permits, you can consider upgrading to Radio Gatsby’s 8 or 9-Piece Band which provides additional musical textures and an even more impressive ‘on-stage’ look. 


What is the musician line-up in Radio Gatsby?

Radio Gatsby’s core 6 & 7-Piece Bands consist of: Piano/Keyboards - Upright & Electric Basses - Drums & Percussions - Saxophone & Clarinet - Trumpet - Female Vocalist - Male Vocalist.  

Our expanded 8, 9, 10 Piece Bands incorporate: Electric Guitar - 3rd Horn Player (Trombone or Alto Saxophone) - 2nd Female Lead Vocalist


Who are the musicians in Radio Gatsby?

The band is comprised of versatile and multi-faceted, top Bay Area musicians, most of whom play multiple instruments and provide lead & back-up vocals during our performances. Having multi-instrumentalists and multiple lead singers - both female and male - enables Radio Gatsby to draw upon a wide range of musical genres and provide an exciting, multi-textured & multi-timbral sound.

How do Radio Gatsby musicians dress?

Musicians in Radio Gatsby typically dress in appropriate formal vintage wear to match our style of music and the elegant setting. The men of our band wear vests and ties. Our female lead singer wears an appropriate vintage cocktail dress. We can also adapt our look to match specific event themes (e.g.- 1920s Speakeasy, Gatsby, Old Hollywood, Casino Royale, etc.)


Does Radio Gatsby provide music for the Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, & Dinner?

YES! Radio Gatsby is  a Full Service Band, which means that we can provide live or recorded music for every aspect of your wedding celebration.  Here are the suggested musical configurations for most celebrations:


- Arrival & Wedding Ceremony:  Recorded Music, Solo Piano (most common), Trio, or Quartet
- Cocktail reception:  Jazz Quintet (for outdoor settings) ; Jazz Trio, Quartet, or Quintet (for indoor settings)
- Dinner Reception: 5 or 6- Piece Band (most common)

- Dance Party:  6 or 7-Piece Band (most common) or 8, 9-Piece Band if budget permits

- After-Party: Radio Gatsby’s DJ Service


Does Radio Gatsby provide MC Services? 
YES! Count on us to provide any or all MC requirements for your celebration. Here are the most commonly requested MC services:

 - Introduce the Bridal Party and the Newlyweds to the Dinner Reception

 - Introduce toast and speech makers

 - Invite guests to be seated, or to make their way to various locations for Cocktails, Dinner, and Dancing

 - Introduce the Couple’s First Dance and other Spotlight Dances

 - Make important service announcements (e.g. logistical information for guests, etc.)


Does Radio Gatsby provide wireless microphones and sound? 

YES - Radio Gatsby provides wireless microphones and full sound services for your entire celebration. You, your wedding officiant, and your guests will be provided with wireless microphones for the wedding ceremony, cocktails, and dinner. Count on us to regulate the sound in real-time so that guests can hear everything perfectly.


Can Radio Gatsby provide uplighting?

YES - Radio Gatsby offers professional uplighting service for private events. We provide this service at about 40%-60% of the price relative to typical lighting vendors as we can absorb a large portion of the labor and delivery costs into our regular band logistics. Let us know if you need decorative uplighting for your event, and we will provide you with a quote. 


Does Radio Gatsby get involved with planning & coordination? 

YES - Our goal is to be in regular communication with you during the planning stages of your celebration, as well as during the event. Feel free to put us in direct contact with your Event Planner to coordinate logistics and to ensure a steady flow to your celebration. You and your Planner will find us responsive, flexible, and easy to work with.  


When Does Radio Gatsby arrive to setup and soundcheck? 

We typically arrive to your venue 2 -2.5 hours prior to your guests’ arrival. This gives us more than enough time to set up and test our sound equipment and instruments in the various performance locations.  By the time your guests arrive, everything will be in place and the music will be playing!


Does Radio Gatsby customize its performance for my celebration? 

YES - During the planning stages of your wedding celebration, we will invite you to participate in the preparation of our musical playlist for your Wedding Ceremony, your First Dances, and your Dance Party.  Special requests are welcome!


How much does it cost to book Radio Gatsby for my wedding?

Typically, the cost for hiring ANY professional band for your wedding celebration will fall in the range $4000-$7000.  Radio Gatsby’s pricing is consistent with industry standards and will depend on several variables:  The size of the band;  the duration of your celebration; the number of performance settings; and the venue location &distance from the San Francisco Bay Area where we are based.  


What is the next step to book Radio Gatsby for my celebration?

The first step in the process is to contact us and set up a no-obligation consultation. Once we have gathered a few important details, we will provide you with a proposal, our recommended approach, and pricing options for Radio Gatsby’s performance at your event.


 Making the old, new. Making the new, classic.

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