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Radio Gatsby is an established San Francisco-based, event & dance band that performs unique arrangements of 1920s & Speakeasy Jazz, Classic R&B, Disco, and Modern Pop!  With an approach that blends Vintage and Contemporary themes, the group essentially delivers TWO band concepts in ONE:

Radio Gatsby Swing Band

Radio Gatsby Party Band

Radio Gatsby Swing Band captivates audiences with its dynamic performances, showcasing a fusion of timeless swing melodies and vibrant jazz improvisations. What sets them apart is their ensemble of multiple vocalists, each bringing a unique flair and charisma to the stage, adding depth and variety to their sound. Complemented by exceptional jazz instrumentalists, their music transports listeners to the golden era of swing, evoking the spirit of the roaring twenties with every note. With their infectious energy and seamless blend of vocals and instrumentals, Radio Gatsby promises an unforgettable musical experience that keeps audiences swinging all night long.

Step into the vibrant world of Radio Gatsby Party Band, where the infectious rhythms of Motown, the soulful melodies of R&B, the groovy beats of 70s Disco, and the timeless classics of the 80s and 90s converge into an electrifying musical experience. With an exciting brass section that ignites the dance floor and multiple vocal textures that captivate the audience, every performance is a journey through the decades of nostalgic party music. Seamlessly blending the past with the present, their repertoire extends to contemporary dance hits from the 2000s to today, ensuring a night of non-stop excitement and euphoria for all generations to enjoy. Let Radio Gatsby Party Band transport you to an era of timeless joy and celebration with their dynamic and unforgettable performances.

Led by pianist and creator, Noam Eisen, this musical explosion unites top-tier Bay Area musicians to provide rousing musical performances to dance halls, wedding celebrations, private parties, and corporate events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond!


Radio Gatsby's core band features exceptional:
Male & Female Lead Vocalists

...backed by an array of talented jazz instrumentalists performing on:

Upright & Electric Bass - Piano & Keyboards - Drums - Saxophone & Clarinet - Trumpet


For large events, the band expands to include: 
Electric Guitar - Trombone - 2nd Saxophone - Additional Vocals


Radio Gatsby's musician configuration and performance repertoire is customized for each performance. Contact us directly for a no-obligation consultation regarding your event.  

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