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"Radio Gatsby played our wedding for 120+ people at the Berkeley City Club, and exceeded our high expectations! The band brought awesome energy that had everyone - young and old - on the dance floor the entire night. They did a great job reading the room, playing some soulful classics along with their own twists on more modern jams. Rhonda Sauce killed the vocals; amazing range. And impressive solos all around the band.

The band is clearly experienced playing weddings, and it showed throughout the planning process and the performance itself. Noam worked with us on our entrance and first dance, did a great job listening to us on the vibe we were going for, provided input/insight where needed, and generally instilled confidence through the entire planning process (including covid rescheduling).

Multiple of our wedding guests told us that they were the best band that they'd ever seen perform at a wedding. We couldn't be happier with our choice to book them!"
 -  Wedding, Berkeley City Club,  2021

"Radio Gatsby is an incredible band. I was thrilled to attend an event where they were playing and their music blew me away - we danced until our feet hurt! The lead singer has a spectacular voice and I especially loved their vintage arrangements of contemporary hits - like Beyonce set in the 1940's. They have amazing energy and range - from jazz to motown and more - I can't wait to see them perform again. 5 stars plus!!!"
                                                        -  K.R., San Francisco, 2021

"Radio Gatsby, whoa! This is blues, jazz, funk, soul, rock, rap- you name it it's there and it's danceable, all with the vibe and flare of a vintage 1920's swing dance party.  Walking into the room I heard the blast of trumpet and was instantly transported.  This band somehow manages to bridge 10 decades of musical genres. Combining many different styles into a single song and mashing into the next, and the next...As a musician myself it's pretty astounding how smoothly they do it. I'm already planning ahead to my next big bash. There is literally something for everyone. My friends and I had a blast and we ALL danced:). You feel like you're being carried down this river by the charisma, musical range and heart thumping power of what's coming off the stage. Meanwhile the rock steady beat of the roaring 20s is this steady undercurrent keeping you moving and tapping your toe. Trumpet, sax, clarinet, keys, bass, drums, vocals- all incredible and tightly knit. This was hands-down the best dance party I've been to. I'm excited to hear more from this newbie band in town!."
-  D.K., San Francisco, 2021

"This is a late review because life got busy, but I put it off for way too long! This band is AMAZING! My wife and I weren't able to have our wedding reception during the time of the plague, and when we started to plan an anniversary party to make up for it, our original band wasn't available anymore. I started looking for alternatives and found this group, and we couldn't have been happier!
Their booking agent and piano player, Noam, was responsive and helpful during the booking process. He called me and talked about options, styles, band makeups, all to make our event exactly what we wanted. When the night arrived, they were there right on time, ready to play through the night. Their volume and mix served to showcase their amazing talent, providing music for dancing and conversation whenever each was happening.
If you're looking for music for your event, go with Radio Gatsby and you will not be disappointed."
 -  R.W., Concord CA, 2021

"Radio Gatsby played at my company's holiday party and they were absolutely incredible. So easy to work with - responsive, timely, and kind. And they sounded amazing and added the perfect vibe to the event as a whole. They definitely helped make the evening so special and memorable."
 - C.M., San Francisco, 2021

"Radio Gatsby as a jazz trio performed at our sonoma wedding and set an incredible ambiance to a flower filled, vineyard, starlight vibe.  The double bass was especially a hit -- he had the smoothest voice and perfect for some Frank Sinatra!  

The band was classic, fun, and brought a special touch to our wedding -- my mom called me after the wedding to say that Radio Gatsby was one of her favorite touches!  Noam organized everything, set up all the equipment and worked with our planner and was a total pro.  So kind and wonderful for your special events -- highly recommend."
                                                                                                     - H.L., San Francisco, 2021

"I can't say enough good things about this band. I've seen them twice and once was at my own wedding! We love them so much. They are super easy to work with, have a great sound, and are simply the most versatile musicians I have ever encountered. They can go from the 20s to the 40s to contemporary hits and can even mash all that up into the same song - it's wild and just so much fun!  Can't wait until they play again so we can see them again."
 - D M., San Francisco, 2021

"I love this band. I can't sit or stand when they play - I have to dance! And so does everybody. If you want to make sure people dance at your party, this is the music your want. They mix new songs with songs everyone knows, and so everyone is drawn into the music right away. Every musician is so talented! They are also ready to work with and are very responsible and considerate. Highly recommend for weddings and other celebratory occasions."
                                                                                                        - L.R., San Francisco, 2021

"Wow! What a cool band! We had the best time dancing to their groove. Enjoyed their hip sound that's kinda retro and classic at the same time. They make the oldies sound so fresh and they also do current hits with their own twist.
Great vibe, fun loving energy - loved it!."
 - N.L., San Francisco, 2021

"Great Band.  We went to an event where they were playing and their energy got everyone dancing.  Some of their song choices got many people singing along while they danced. They play a really diverse mix of songs and they just change genres all night - super fun!  After dancing a lot I sat and watched the band play from the side.  The lead singer is dazzling but all band members bring something to the mix which makes them interesting to watch when you're ready to rest your dancing feet and have a drink!"
                                                                                                        - S.B., San Francisco, 2021

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